Sacred & Profane

The story of the Levant is carried across myriad strands of history -- a web of cultures, sacred and profane. These strands leave opportunities for yet more disparate odds and ends - also part of the Baidun collections. With this page, we sample the diversity of other select items, as for:

  • Ancient writings - as on ostracons (potsherds used in writing) and later metallic scrolls

  • Pagan influences - including idols and metalworkings of animals or common every day items but with a decided non-Hebrew twist.

Then and now, the Levant geography at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean reflects a dizzying set of  cultural influences, religious practices, military and political arrangements. Always changing but with distinctive influences carried through time. 

Taken together, the antiquities collections of the Baidun family reflect this extraordinary diversity. Sophisticated and mundane. At the intersection of the known world - then and now. 

If we can understand where we have been, then maybe there's yet a chance to figure how we live, work, and worship - separately yet always interconnected - for generations to come. 

Important note: Some items, such as metal and shards or scroll writings with inscriptions are not allowed to be exported from Israel. These and other export purchases from Israel are subject to review and approval by the Israel Antiquities Authority and other governing authorities.
(See “purchase information” link for more detail).