The Baidun family would prefer to sell all collections as a single transaction.

Purchase Arrangements

The (Baidun) Seller’s collections are available at a cash price as may be mutually agreed between the parties. Requested will be a lump sum payment or a down-payment and installments timed to coincide with merchandise shipments. Use of a letter of credit or escrow arrangements handled in the U.S. or as otherwise agreed through an independent third party may serve as funding mechanisms pursuant to instructions as may be mutually agreed by the purchaser, Seller, and Mr. Eric Hovee - as Seller representative.

The Seller has authorized Mr. Hovee (see contact information) to serve as its representative on behalf of contacts made toward the sale of its full remaining antiquities inventory. Any sale made via Mr. Hovee’s representation will include a transaction fee as a portion of the gross sales amount. Mr. Hovee may consider shared fee arrangements in situations where a purchaser is introduced or referred by a third party.

The purchase price is expected to include the transaction fee as well as shipping cost. Shipping including offsets for any damage is the Seller’s responsibility. The Seller will provide Certificates of Authenticity with each purchase and will assist with export permit arrangements for all items to be shipped outside of Israel.

Availability of merchandise is subject to review and approval by the Israeli government and customs authorities of the U.S. or other countries to which merchandise is shipped. Mr. Hovee makes no representations with this web site regarding merchandise provenance, appraised valuation, Seller capacity to deliver, or legal requirements. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Based on discussion with the Seller and Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), it is currently understood that:

  • The IAA will support efforts for possible buyer(s) interested in purchasing the Baidun’s commercial stock and private collection.

  • Not all the antiquities items possessed by the Baidun family are exportable according to the Israeli Antiquities law (based on criteria such as rarity, archaeological context, historical value, and national value). Items precluded from exportation may be sold only in Israel.

  • Every act of selling, trading and exporting will require pre-authorization by the IAA. In addition to IAA pre-authorization, export purchases from Israel may be subject to review by other appropriate governing authorities in or outside Israel.

Contact information for appropriate representatives with the IAA may be made available, on request.

Purchase arrangements are subject to change without notice or as may be revised based upon further negotiations and as agreed between Purchaser, Seller, and Hovee. Information provided with this web site has been obtained both from the Seller and other antiquities-related sources. Accuracy is not guaranteed and all information provided including the content of this web site is subject to change without notice.

For Further Information

If you are interested in pursuing a purchase of the Baidun collections, Mr. Hovee is prepared to coordinate arrangements with the Seller as for pricing and other information, submittal and review of a purchase proposal. Electronic files with added photos of the merchandise represented may also be made available on request to Mr. Hovee.

If interested, Mr. Hovee also is prepared to provide fee-based consulting services to a prospective purchaser. In the event of a completed transaction, the transaction payment to Hovee will be reduced by the amount of any consulting fee previously paid by purchaser to Hovee; however, in no event will Hovee receive less than the amount of the contracted consulting fee. Other arrangements may be made as a mutually agreed to by all parties - including any required regulatory reviews or approvals.

This Baidun collections represent an investment that can not be replicated. 
We appreciate your interest in preserving this legacy for the Owner/Seller and for the peoples of the Levant.