Not shown are rings and earrings which were also worn but are not currently a substantial part of the Baidun collections.


Located on major trade routes and due to successive conquests, ancient Palestine was subject to a wide range of cultural influences. The use of jewelry - as in charms and amulets was generally forbidden by Mosaic law as a sign of idolatry - but with seemingly varied levels of enforcement over time. Practices were considerably different for the non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine. 

Also noted from the the Bible and archaeology  is that the use of gold was largely reserved for royalty and religious purposes. Even along the coastal strip of Israel with greater non-Israelite presence, unearthed graves tend to be found with pottery, weapons and very simple jewelry. 

This simplicity is reflected in the ancient jewelry collection of the Baidun family, consisting largely  of: 

  • Bracelets and ankelets
  • Necklaces - of glass and other beaded materials
  • Amuletes - shown separately with scarabs 

When worn, not extravagent but tasteful and understated.